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Small-size potatoes, specially selected to get very tasty steamed potatoes in justa few minutes.
They can be dressed it with olive oil and salt.

Packaging Bag 400 gr.
Contents Potatoes (2-3 portions).
Energy Value 62-kcal/100 gr.
Place the closed bag in the microwave. Choose the program: 5 minutes (1000w), 6 minutes (900w) or 7 minutes (800w). Let them stand for a few minutes in the microwave. Open the bag carefully and serve them, they can be dressed our used like garnish.
Steamed is an easy and healthy way of cooking, because it doesn’t involve oils or fats, making our foods healthier and more natural. It allows an easy, economic and healthy cooking, where food maintain its flavour, juiciness and its nutritional qualities.