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Quality, environmental an food safety policies

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd has implemented an integrated management system (quality, environment, and food safety) according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IFS standards, which is based in the following principles:

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd produces and markets healthy, safe and environmentally friendly food products, aimed at meeting our costumers and consumers needs.

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd commits itself to comply with all applicable laws in environmental, quality, food safety and work matters and to adapt itself to the new regulations that could arise in the future.

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd will pay the highest attention to hygiene, cleanliness and food safety and work security, ensuring at any moment the safety of all products.

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd considers its staff as the most precious resource to achieve its goals. Therefore, the company will promote training and awareness, in order to make all the staff responsible in environmental, quality, food safety and work security matters.

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd understands that their growers and suppliers are part of the process, so, we integrate them in the quality control of raw materials.

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd will establish different new goals to ensure a continual improvement in environmental, quality, food safety and work security matters. These goals will be consistent with the nature and with the impact of our activities; our company management department will yearly review them.

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd will establish appropriate systems to prevent and reduce the environmental impact of our activities, such as in waste production and water contamination, as an integral part of our daily work, by means of a rational use of natural resources (water, electricity, diesel oil, etc.)

This Policy must be understood and assumed by all the Company staff and by our contributors. It will also be available to any person requesting it.

PATATAS AGUILAR Ltd management undertakes to endure and improve the integral system through the provision of the resources needed for it and requesting all staff involvement, sincethe participation of all us is essential to achieve this aim.